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Agile Content Lab

Be strategic. Be interesting. Be relationship-material.

Connection. Content and content marketing is all about building a relationship with customers. Yes, every brand has a story. But there’s a little more to it than just focusing on the story alone. In the digital age, brands need to be interesting. Imagine you’re at a cocktail party. No one wants to hang out with the person who is just talking about themselves. There needs to be common interests. Conversation. Something to connect with.

Brands need a strong content strategy to find common ground with their audience – outside of the product benefits or functional purpose. This part needs to be real and reflect the brand DNA, or no one – especially your customers – believes it. Only authentic dialogue can create valuable emotional connections to brands and products.

The Scrum50 Epic Platform process digs in deep to find those true connection points. We look at a brand’s core story to identify values, benefits, and intentions. This forms the foundation for content and defines what a brand authentically has the authority to publish about.

Agile Content Lab

Once we’ve identified a strong digital content strategy, it needs to come alive. That’s where the S50 Content Lab comes in. Our proven, proprietary narrative architecture process helps us work with clients to tell stories that make the most impact.

But the story is only half of it. Our Agile content studio approach to digital strategy begins with crafting small, elemental pieces of content to reach customers in a specific way. We create a bank of relevant, smart content, and start to disperse them. Then, we scale the ones that are getting the most traction into richer, more interactive pieces with even wider distribution.

Cutting-edge design and fresh thinking drive our Content Studio. We’re constantly working on the latest storytelling techniques, exploring brand journalism ideas, and delving deeper into understanding what content drives the customer to purchase or engagement.

“Great content can create emotional connections, strengthen loyalty, and leave a lasting impression. But all that greatness rarely happens without a strategy.”

Narrative Architecture

Our unique, client-inclusive process builds a strong foundation on which all content is born. The process results in an EPIC Platform that drives every step of the content creation process.

Content Strategy

Content needs to connect emotionally with a consumer and every piece of content has a job to do. We think through the Why, When, and Where of every piece of content before we get to the big creative How.

Editorial Planning

Content needs a plan. We specialize in plotting out your digital content frequency and type by channel. This allows us to be ahead of the curve on content creation. Our Agile approach gives us the ability to refine based on performance and track the details that really connect with consumers.

Content Development

We create content of all types. From search-engine-optimized articles to engaging social video to animated infographics…and beyond. We take on all the creative tasks. Design, copywriting, video production, photography…our agency of polymaths and digital experts can dream up innovative content ideas and make them an impressive, shareable, PR-able reality.

Custom Content

Content is not just an amplification tool but can be a critical piece in the customer experience. Pitch-perfect content at key points in the customer journey can strengthen brand loyalty. We create custom content based on customer needs, to fix a pain point, or overcome barriers to purchase.

Digital Content Distribution

Brands can have mind-blowing content…but it doesn’t count if no one sees it. Every niche has its needs, so we consider what distribution channels and methods work to achieve maximum impact.

Social Media Content

Social media content is a unique animal with as many benefits as limitations. Luckily, we’re immersed in social media best practices and instaculture. Our Agile content approach blends award-winning creative with smart social analytics to go beyond likes and hearts to truly engage customers where they spend time online.

Influencer Content

Nothing accelerates a strong content strategy like a great Influencer program. We build them from the group up, identifying, vetting and managing influencers in creating the most authentic content that drives product preference and purchase.

Kick-Ass Digital Content. Created Daily.

We work in multiple platforms, mediums, and styles. Because every audience likes something different. And we follow what works, like…

  • Interactive Infographics
  • Custom Calculators
  • Drone Footage
  • Photoshoots
  • Product Descriptions
  • Search Engine Optimization Articles
  • Long-form Articles
  • Short-form Content
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Posts
  • Animated Videos

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