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Defining the DNA of your brand

ICONIC. Branding is so much more than just a logo, font, and a carefully chosen color palette. Sure, that’s all important, but it’s merely the creative symbol of something more meaningful. True branding is the intersection of your company’s purpose, what your company produces, and the customer experience (CX).

Let that sink in. Your brand is not just about the company it represents. It’s about the customer. Branding and CX have officially collided to form something stronger, better, and smarter than just an ownable look. The customer experience is the promise your company makes to a customer brought to life, so we consider that one of the most important pillars of branding. Our proprietary Agile branding process allows us to quickly and efficiently map out a strong, differentiating brand platform that blends classic positioning elements with evolving customer experience philosophies.

Through this CX lens, every customer touchpoint needs to be considered as a branding touchpoint. From the website design to how customer service representatives handle phone calls. A consistent approach, authentic voice, and guiding principle should be embodied in every step of the customer journey.

Our Agile approach lets us develop memorable, customer-centric branding in weeks (instead of months or even years like most agencies). We test, learn, and iterate – making our clients part of the branding process, with a voice in every stage. So, if something isn’t resonating, we adjust and refine in real time. The result is a strong ownable brand and visual identity that is ready to go to market.

We’re a branding agency that digs deep to build your brand, bringing in these disciplines (and that’s just scratching the service):

Brand Purpose

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies to peel back the onion and identify their Brand Purpose. Overtime, the core reasons why a company was founded often get muddied and many find themselves needing to unearth their reason-for-being and higher-order contribution to the world. Through our proprietary and collaborative Epic Platform process, we help facilitate the path back to purpose.

Brand Positioning

We work hard to find the point of differentiation in your brand, so you stand out from the competition in a way that truly matters to your customers. Your brand positioning in the marketplace helps shape the way your brand looks and acts. Our process ensures that your brand plays in the white-space of the competitive set.

EPIC Platform

A great brand strategy requires a strong point of focus. Our proprietary process finds core principles that form a unique brand compass. We find the strengths – beyond the functional benefits of the product. In true Agile fashion, we do this partnership with key stakeholders. Everything created, communicated, or planned is driven by the EPIC Platform, so it’s critical to get it just right.

Customer Experience

The customer experience fulfills the promise a brand makes to its consumers. Consistency along every touchpoint is critical to building a successful brand that truly connects with your customer. We approach branding through a CX lens to make sure we’re not just talking to ourselves, but we are delivering a message that serves the customers who drive your business.

Brand Identity

While logo design isn’t everything, it sure is important to developing a brand identity. As the creative expression of your brand, an effective logo should truly symbolize what your brand stands for – beyond just the product offering. Our Agile creative approach means we work in lockstep with our clients every step of the way as we build a visual vocabulary – including an ownable color palette, font family, and iconography. We create the visual identity as the touchstone of your brand as partners.

Brand Voice

The way we say things is just as important as what we say. An effective Brand Voice should express the personality of your brand in any and all mediums – from sites to print collateral to internal communication – in a consistent way. We believe that an authentic brand voice is critical to creating lasting and meaningful connections with consumers.

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