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Digital Strategy

The vision that makes it all happen

Disruption. No channel is creating more upheaval than the digital space. Consumers operate at lightning speed, driving savvy digital marketers to find partners who can keep up. A strong Digital Strategy is designed to understand what role each digital tactic has in the user’s journey and deliver the right content and functionality for them to take action.

Building for Future State

An S50 Digital Strategy includes a look into the future state of the digital landscape and how your customers will be interacting with technology to prepare you for where their interaction is going. We assess the role of each device, channel, and platform in the customer’s journey. We create near-term solutions (quick-wins), but also plan for the long-term. Using our Agile framework, we work fast, identifying the MVP, or Minimum Viable Product. This allows us to execute the digital strategy quickly and validate with real users in the real world. Then we use data quickly, to get feedback and iterate against the plan. There is one thing for certain: that plan will change. Our motto: Fail fast and scale success.

Digital Roadmap

A Digital Strategy is a roadmap. It’s how we plan to perfectly intersect your customer’s journey. A well-timed, intuitive experience that happens in the right channels with the right content at just the right point can be the difference between purchase or pass. But that doesn’t happen by luck. It happens with careful planning and smart strategic moves.

Adding Value

We want to bring value to the customer journey – so we look at how brands can cause disruption, get the audience’s attention, and ensure they complete high-value tasks to foster beneficial relationships. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations with easy-to-use tech and valuable content.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

The DNA of your Digital Strategy starts with a deep-dive into current-state customer journeys. We find concerns, questions, needs, and friction-points that your customers run into right now. It’s critical to cause disruption at just the right point to grab the customer’s attention and guide them to complete those high-value tasks. It’s all in the name of fostering beneficial brand-customer relationships.

Technology Audit | Digital Landscape

We review all the systems, platforms, and processes with a critical eye to find the technological opportunities. We consider beneficial digital product enhancements, eCommerce channel potential, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. It’s all about adding value and smoothing out friction points along the customer journey.

Channel Strategy

Part of this process is finding out where your customers spend their time. All the right tactics and tech mean absolutely nothing if we execute in the wrong channel. Laser-focused distribution in the digital neighborhoods where your customers already live is a critical piece of our digital strategy.

Iterate In-Market

Our unique Agile approach creates opportunities to test and refine our strategies in-market. You’ll never catch us sitting back and admiring our strategy deck once it’s done. First we get to work, executing killer creative to bring the ideas to life. Then we start to learn. As we measure performance, we go back to the strategy to make sure it is still airtight. We iterate in-market, deriving valuable insights in real time.

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