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Agile tech solutions

Embedded. We’re a tight-knit group of platform-agnostic digital natives that function as a part of your digital team. We’re well-versed in tech platforms big and small, and nimble to quickly deliver the right solution every step of the way to scale as your business grows. It may be implied by the fact that we’re Agile, but our digital agency is amazingly adept at solving problems fast and remaining in lock-step with our clients.

We’re smart, small, and scalable. Keeping teams tight lets us figure things out fast, without excess costs, and a million burned hours of meetings and spinning decisions. Our digital experts don’t believe in limits when it comes to web, mobile, media, SEO, CMS, eCRM, AI, Machine Learning, or any of our capabilities.

Our tech team doesn’t pander; they deliver the right solution. They move fast and stealth-like behind the scenes to make our shared vision come to life, assuring best-in-the-biz quality. That’s one of the most significant benefits of working with Agile methodologies inside an Agile agency.

Simply put, in the true spirit of Agile, we take complex problems and dissect them into solvable issues, working tirelessly to output collaborative and impactful work that engages and excites users time after time, including:

eCommerce Development

Let’s face it — the barriers of brick and mortar have been demolished. We implement secure and scalable solutions for buying and selling online, whether it’s B2B or DTC. S50 crushes conversion rates, sending sales skyrocketing through in-depth exploration of buyer personas, testing, revenue optimization, and landing page optimization.

We determine the best infrastructure and systems integration for your business and learn from the data. We do it all — from mobile shopping to online payment, encryption, secure transaction, digital shelf, and Social eComm, and we’ve ascended the heights of Amazon through A+ pages, winning strategies, and best-in-class product content.

Scalable Web Development

We believe that scalable web architecture is essential. When it comes to building experiences it’s important to consider what happens next, so we specialize in building solutions that grow with our client’s needs as well as the audience it serves. We do this by building on cloud-based platforms that help us seamlessly scale and up and down depending on current demand, but also adapt the experience itself as the purpose and audience evolve.

Mobile Web, Apps & Games

Mobile Web, games, and especially App development doesn’t need to take forever. As we design and develop solutions, we focus on the best channels to deliver content. As a mobile-first agency, we go beyond ensuring experiences work across devices; we customize to maintain the optimal customer experience. We can deliver rich experiences through gamification and native app development on iOS and Android, as well as wearables like VR, AR, and smart watches.

Emerging Tech Solutions

We’ve got our finger on the pulse of advancing and emerging technology. We can bridge the physical gap through devices, facilitate customer service through bots, and use machine learning and AI to parse data for optimization. Even leveraging the innovation in blockchain tech, not for Cryptocurrency, but for its data storage capabilities. Where some see futuristic ideas, we see real-life application potential.

Consumer Promotions

Capturing your audience can involve providing incentives, that’s where promotions come into the picture. Using our bespoke promotion engine, we’re able to spin up promotions ranging from simple forms to social voting and image/video upload contests. Our moderation tools help ensure the right content gets surfaced and helps judge contest entries to pick a winner.

Quality Assurance

From gut check to triple check, every aspect of our work is tested to ensure the best output possible. We relentlessly test our products through virtualized and actual devices; it’s crucial to a great experience, which is why we also rely on testing automation to ensure that regression tests are performed as the product evolves. Our quality team doesn’t stop after delivering the product; we continue to monitor the experience through its lifespan to make sure it continues to function as designed.


We believe in the power of data to help inform and reinforce our decisions. We develop custom dashboards that track and visualize key KPIs to show how everything is performing in real-time. This key data and insights help fuel our Agile approach and helps ensure that we prioritize the right features and enhancements in future sprints.

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