BGB Group Announces Partnership with Scrum50 to Deliver High-Impact, Consumer-Centric Creative to Healthcare Clients

Scrum50 brings a decade of barrier-free, consumer-connecting expertise to enhance BGB’s expanding capabilities

New York City, NY – February 1, 2024 – BGB Group (BGB), an award-winning healthcare commercialization and communications company headquartered in New York City with offices in Washington DC, Boston, and London, today announced a strategic partnership with Scrum50 (S50), a dynamic, agile-first creative agency based in South Norwalk, CT. This collaboration marks a transformative alliance, the next phase of BGB’s expertise enhancement aimed at remaining ahead of biopharma’s biggest challenges. The teams are set to redefine creativity and impact in the healthcare sector.

S50 will continue to operate independently across all industry sectors.

“We are excited to formalize our partnership with S50,” noted Greg Passaretti, Founding Partner of BGB Group. “We’ve been working together for nearly a year, and we realized that there’s much more that we can accomplish for a marketplace in need of broader creative and engagement solutions.”

BGB Group, known for its deep clinical expertise, has been enhancing its ability to forge valuable connections with healthcare consumers. “S50 is great at breaking down complexities, approaching marketing challenges from new angles and getting great new ideas implemented quicky,” noted Brendon Phalen, Founding Partner of BGB Group. “Their work has captured attention in our sector because of their fresh, authentic approach to creating connections.”

S50 has delivered results for a broad range of consumer and healthcare organizations from Mondelēz, American Express, Subway and Jägermeister to AbbVie, Gilead, and Myriad Genetics. “S50 has a team that is exceptional at creating meaningful customer connections on a personal level,” noted Michael LeBeau, Founder and Managing Partner of S50. “We’ve become the perfect home for free-spirited, risk-taking creative problem solvers.”

Chris Parker, Founder and Managing Partner of S50, notes that pharmaceutical clients have been very receptive to new ways to establish critical customer connections. “We know non-branded search across healthcare continues to climb. Audiences are searching and our job is to align what customers care about with opportunities for brands to provide relevant expertise.”

“Our collaboration has been outstanding,” noted Jen Miller, Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner of S50. “BGB has unmatched expertise in scientific content and that gives us a tremendous advantage as we develop new ways to connect with consumers

to deliver information they can trust. Together we’re bringing a totally new approach in a sector that is known for contrived and overused communication formulas.”

“This partnership enhances our ability to apply the science of consumer marketing to the pharmaceutical space,” said Teresa Day, President of BGB Group, “and opens the door for clients to tap into the expanded and interconnected marketing expertise at BGB.”

The strategic partnership between BGB and S50 is poised to usher in a new era of creativity and impact in healthcare. Together, these leaders are committed to delivering innovative solutions that resonate with consumers.

About S50:

S50 is an award-winning, customer-obsessed marketing agency. Our mission is to marry world-class strategic creative with an innovative approach to deliver deeper brand-to-consumer connections. We focus on three competency areas for clients: Agency services, eBusiness and Digital Transformation.

About BGB Group:

At BGB Group, the brightest minds in healthcare are merging science and creativity to deliver the best in specialized services including healthcare advertising, medical education, strategic consulting, and payer marketing. BGB seamlessly integrates medical expertise into each piece of business, bringing an unmatched level of insight, perspective, and scientific sophistication to every assignment, for every client.

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