Focus on Doing Great Work. Success Will Follow.

By Michael LeBeau
CEO, Managing Partner, Founder

I like what Jae Goodman has to say in her article about dealing with clients titled “The Client Is Often (but Not Always) Right, and 11 Other Rules to Work By — Including Only Do Business With People You Respect” in which advises, ” Clients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Yes, it’s the personal connection you make with your client that will always make all the difference.

As an entrepreneur, my #1 tip has always been: Do what’s right for the client. Specifically, focus on the work and don’t get caught in the trap of chasing revenue. When you do the latter, work suffers. When you focus on great work, revenue and profit follow. As a marketer, my #1 tip would be: Spend more time watching and listening to your consumer. Let their behaviors validate ideas and drive innovation.

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