Scrum50 Reimagines Content Creation with New Agile Lab

Here at Scrum50, we’ve been creating content since our inception in 2014 for clients like American Express, Xerox, Nestlé Waters, Conduent, Beech-Nut and more. Our clients love our strategic approach and methodology to create effective content to promote their brand message. We’re excited today to formally introduce you all to our Agile Content Lab. We’ve formalized our process, fortified our structure, and even hired a snazzy new content lead to strengthen our strategic approach.

Now we know what you’re saying… ‘sure, every agency has a content studio of some kind’. But not like this one. Our agile approach to content creation is what makes us different. We start with lots of little germs of content and messaging ideas, push them to market at lightening speed and with our proprietary algorithm, gauge which content and message gets the most traction with consumers. Then, we quickly grow those messages to bigger, better and more brilliant content, ideas and campaigns. We place smaller, less risky bets out there in an effort to scale the sure things.

Part of our process includes our Narrative Architecture approach that we employ for our clients that essentially defines their authority within their space in an engaging way. Think of it this way…we’ve all been to cocktail parties where there’s that guy who only talks about himself and how great he is without actually engaging in conversation with others. Let’s call him Bob. Well, Bob becomes boring really fast. He stands and holds court amongst unsuspecting party-goers who just came to have fun and meet some interesting people. Don’t be like Bob. We help your brand find the common interest with your customers and build a narrative approach to keep those customers interested in you because they like you, not because they’re held captive.

As part of the Scrum50 creative department led by Executive Creative Director and Partner, Jen Miller, Brady Coffey, VP Content Director, was brought on to run the Agile Content Lab overseeing a fulltime and contract editorial team along with video capabilities and executive producer. Coffey joins Scrum50 from past agency tenures at Digitas, Epsilon and Ryan Partnership, where he created work for the NFL, NASCAR, Abercrombie, MasterCard, Dove, Dove Men+Care, Hellmann’s and Simple. While he may not know a hooker from a line-out, he did rock a rugby shirt with wide-wale cords back in college. It was the ’90s. You know, back around the same time the Internet was being invented. So that means he’s been there since the beginning. Back when content was nothing more than HTML text littered with blue, underlined hyperlinks. We’ve come a long way since then, as have Brady’s fashion choices.

Nowadays we expect content that is more engaging, contextually relevant and intrinsically valuable. That’s the type of stuff we spend our time on, and that’s exactly the type of work Brady is leading at Scrum50. With his deep understanding of what motivates people to connect with brands, Brady is poised and ready to unleash Scrum50’s agile marketing ninja skills on an unsuspecting, content-hungry public.

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