Scrum50 named to Ad Age Best Place to Work List

Yes! Scrum50 is #14  on the Ad Age Best Places to Work list. We’re honored and proud. It means our culture of doing isn’t just productive, but it’s fulfilling for our employees too. 

The Ad Age list is based on survey results from both employers and employees. It take all the usual stuff into account – compensation, perks, etc.  – but also opportunities for advancement, diversity, responsiveness to issues…all those things that make people feel good about where they work. 

We started from scratch – 2 guys and an idea for a marketing agency that just might be crazy enough to work. So we started the first born-Agile marketing agency back in 2014. Now we’re growing…and fast.

From our renovated factory space in South Norwalk, CT, we’re changing the way digital marketing agencies work. Our philosophy is faster better brilliance. It means we like to bring great ideas to life and test them in-market (instead of letting them fade due to over-discussion and over-crafting).  Our teams are lean, and made up of multi-talented, multi-faceted polymaths who are encouraged to work beyond their titles.

Getting on this list proves that we haven’t just built a company, but a culture that lets our employees feel free to show off their unique talents, make an impact, and go to work in a great space with great people. 

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