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  1. Know Your Xperience: CX vs. UX, What’s the Difference?

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    Steve Jobs once said “Always start with the customer experience, not with the technology.”

    Sure…it’s maybe THE mostly commonly quoted quote for CX’ers.

    Because it’s true. 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.[1]

    Digital marketing and technology leaders often focus heavily on User Experience (or UX). No doubt that is a critical piece of designing a good product. But UX and CX are NOT one-in-the-same.

    Customer Experience AND User Experience

    It’s important to note – It’s never CX instead of UX. User Experience is a subset of the Customer Experience.

    User Experience is about the product and how a consumer interacts with it. How to achieve a task with as little friction as possible. It is considered a piece of the over customer experience.

    The Customer Experience encompasses the entire end-to-end brand experience – beyond digital, beyond marketing, beyond purchase. Every touchpoint that the user engages with during their journey. It’s any service, employee, representative, collateral, design, website, app, or that the customer interacts with at any stage in their journey before, after, and during purchase. Holistically, these things come together to create an experience.

    CX is observable, measurable, and helps our iteration process. We observe the end-to-end customer experience, then pull meaningful conclusions from customer actions.  From there, we can manage the experience according to brand objectives.

    Plus it pays to pay attention to CX.

    Customers Pay for a Good Experience

    There is a value for good experiences. Customers would pay up to a 16% price premium on products and services that offer a quality experience.1 In the U.S., 65% of customers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.1  

    “Customer Experience and User Experience work together in a shared goal of creating connected, well designed experience.”

    Bringing CX and UX Together

    Customer Experience and User Experience work together in a shared goal of creating connected, well designed experience. But UX doesn’t live in a bubble…just as good design or content shouldn’t be created without a strategic approach. You could design the hell out of the website and app, but if you don’t consider other CX touchpoints, you will never impact and improve the customer’s overall experience with your brand.

    Putting the Customer First

    The Scrum50 approach puts the customer at the center of our strategy. It’s a slightly different mindset than traditional marketing and advertising, which starts with the question “what do we want the audience to do?”

    Instead, we ask “What does the consumer need?” This critical shift allows us to drive the experience with a consumer-centric based point of view. It lets us create meaningful experiences. That’s how loyalty and brand affinity are built – through connection, emotions and positive experiences along the customer journey.

    The CX approach allow us to consider feedback, intent, and overall satisfaction in conjunction with the typical stats and conversion rates as success factors. It helps us test and learn to design better overall experiences.

    The CX Difference

    Is your brand considering the end-to-end customer experience? Let’s talk about how our Agile Marketing methods have helped major national brands reach and retain their customers through a holistic view of customer experience.


    [1]PwC.com Report, Experience is Everything 2018