Working Smarter Is Better Than Working Harder

By Michael LeBeau
CEO, Managing Partner, Founder


My favorite quote is from the “Wizard of Westwood,” John Wooden, the UCLA head coach who won 10 NCAA national basketball championships in a 12-year period, including seven in a row:

          “Never mistake activity for achievement.”
— John Wooden 


Everybody loves to learn from winners, and there was nobody better than Wooden in his business. His teams won a men’s college basketball record 88 consecutive games. Wooden’s unbelievable streak of seven consecutive NCAA championships needs to be considered in context: to this day no other coach or school has won the tournament more than two consecutive years.

Wooden’s wisdom teaches that:

  • Working smarter produces more than working harder.
  • Focusing on getting things done is what counts — not how busy you are.
  • Dedication is what enables you to overcome obstacles and think creatively in achieving your goal.
  • Streamlining your workload is vital, because if what you’re doing doesn’t lead to your goal, you shouldn’t be doing it.

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