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Developing rich content for top-ranking results

Searching for A Top Ranking Agency

Seizing the opportunity for American Express Gift Cards to be top of mind for consumers and businesses who were in gift-giving mode, Scrum50 helped American Express roll out a new content strategy. It was a two pronged-approach; create content that was relevant to many possible gift-giving occasions and make sure when they searched for those occasions, they found it!

Creating Content for Any Occasion

Scrum50 saw opportunities for American Express that would not only improve their search rankings, but would also provide value to their customers, beyond the plastic card.

Scrum50 gathered a team of producer/editors (Preditors), conceptors, editorial writers and art directors to work closely with American Express to develop content that suggested gift-giving ideas for a wide range of occasions. To ensure the content would boost optimization, our unique gift ideas aligned with the brand and the keywords relevant to the search.

What’s So Agile About This?

Start with small bets. We say it time and time again. We began in the end of summer with the most efficient creative content possible to test the hypothesis. Once success was proven, we scaled the content formats and efforts larger and larger leading into the biggest gift-giving season of them all; December Holidays. Small bets led to big return in the end.

American Express
American Express
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Content Creation

From office gifts, to holidays, to
special events - Scrum50 led the
conversation of unique gift ideas
with multiple formats.
• How to's
• Lists
• Infographics