Breaking through with baby food

Re-invigorating Real Food for Babies

The passion that Beech-Nut baby food moms have for this brand is unrivaled, however, not enough moms know about it. Beech-Nut reached out to Scrum50 to launch an omni-channel new campaign for the brand that drives awareness.

Agile made it happen

The Beech-Nut/Scrum50 teams had 5 different hypothesis for key messages that may resonate with moms. Scrum50 developed a proprietary test and algorithm designed to float all messages into the market and let moms decide, rapidly, which message drove the most activity. Within 2 weeks, the team confidently moved forward with a brief that inspired a breakthrough campaign.

There’s nothing in it

Mom’s want to know what’s in the food they give their babies...and more importantly what’s not. The winning campaign touted all the things that are NOT in Beech-Nut baby foods. Scrum50 executed the “No anything” campaign across print, website, organic social content, emails, display advertising, paid social, and geo-targeted mobile ads.


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