The Challenge

Develop an awareness campaign to win over a younger generation of Consumer Reports subscribers, who currently get their reviews for free online, by showing them why CR was different from the others and worth the fee.

The Insight

There are 17MM “power users” that love doing research, are happy to pay for access to the best product intel, and fall under two mindsets when looking for a new car:

  • Are seeking a high-end car with the newest technology upgrades
  • Are looking for the tie-breaker in deciding between 2 cars

The Solution

Creative Platform: CR provides Extreme Expertise

  • We test all the latest tech features
  • We have a team of 25 experts across different fields testing every car inside and out

S50 created a 360° campaign including two :30 YouTube & Hulu CTV assets in support of both key messages.

Play Video

Choosing the Right Car for You

Play Video

Testing the Latest Features

The Results

There was a 25% lift in searches for “Consumer Reports” on and a 58% lift in searches for “Consumer Reports” on YouTube for those that were exposed to our YouTube campaign. The overall 360° campaign resulted in a 20% lift in subscribers in 6 mos.