Juicy Couture Fragrances

Bringing Prestige to Amazon

Among the FIRST to Build a Brand

A criticism of Amazon from prestige brands has long been that there is no opportunity to use their biggest asset on the platform, their actual brand. As Amazon recognizes the need to give brands a more robust platform, and consumers more brand information, they’ve answered by rolling out more engaging opportunities—many of which Scrum50 brought to Juicy Couture, making them one of the first-to-market in Amazon Luxury Beauty.

A Bigger, Better, More Effective
Brand Presence

Imagine getting Return on Ad Spend results almost immediately? We did it. Scrum50 started with a two-fold challenge: push the limits of an ever-evolving platform and sell fragrance online (a channel that has yet to master “smell-o-vision”). We developed the strategy to roll out with 7 core fragrances under Juicy Couture, and built the AMS media and optimization plan around that approach.

When it came to content and keyword strategy, we need to combat the #1 issue prestige brands encounter in the channel: Knockoffs. One of the key components, a beautifully-crafted infographic explained how consumers can spot a fake and reinforced our pages’ authenticity. We also did a deep dive into buyer personas so we could tailor copy and visuals to individual consumer journeys within each specific e-tailer channels.

The proof was in impressive ROI and ROA which blew the roof off of any previous benchmarks.


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