Creating a Spectacular Experience

The Rockettes are as timeless as New York City itself, and a holiday tradition for locals and tourists alike. Turns out, the most wonderful time of the year actually comes twice: summer and winter. The challenge? Change the perception that the show is the same year-round, and year after year.

Website Design
USer Experience
Creating the Ultimate Performance

We set out to infuse that same extraordinary experience of seeing the Rockettes in magical Radio City Music Hall to the digital space. Then, we took prospective showgoers on a journey that long outlived the holidays. Two weeks after the opening of the Summer Spectacular, ticket sales were sluggish. A lackluster site and user experience turned out to be the true showstopper. Scrum50 quickly assembled a small and nimble team dedicated to revamping the site experience and kicking up awareness and tickets sales.

Agility At Its Finest

Working rapidly, we implemented an iterative design approach that allowed us to refresh site pages in real time–starting with a sparkling new Summer Specatular homepage, secondary pages in quick succession and finishing with a whole-site revamp of the Christmas Spectacular experience. With only 6 weeks left of the summer show, we educated prospective showgoers about the uniqueness of the Summer Spectacular, brought to life the specialness of the Rockettes, and created a more provocative user experience. Step by step, we converted site visitors to ticket holders and created a year-round Rockettes following that met with rave reviews.


User Experience, Web Design, Storytelling
Immersive Design