Getting Ahead of Breast Cancer

The idea of using genetic screening for risk of hereditary cancer is just starting to gain traction. Myriad Genetics needed to gain awareness and drive orders for their MyRisk® with RiskScore® product.

The Challenge:

Get OBGYNs educated and motivated to get their female patients screened with MyRisk® with RiskScore® for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Insight:

Even though women are much more open speaking about breast health, especially among younger audiences, most women don’t understand enough about genetic testing or cancer risk. Many feel like even if they knew they were at risk, there is nothing they could do about it, so why know now?

A survey of women age 25-64 commissioned by Myriad revealed the following statistics:

  • Approx 80% of women who have a family member diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer have not gotten genetic testing themselves
  • 1 in 3 do not think they qualify for genetic testing (34%), nor do they know how to ask for it (34%)
  • Almost 1/2 of women feel If I did a genetic test, I would not know what to do with my results as a next step
The Solution:

Based on the results of this study, we knew there was a huge opportunity to engage OBGYNs and educate them on many of the misperceptions women have about Breast Cancer, their risk, and how genetic testing can help. We believed that it was a conversation best had with BOTH the OBGYN and patients. We created materials that educated both the OBGYN and their patients and gave them the reason to get tested: To get ahead of breast cancer with MyRisk wth RiskScore.

The Results:

  • Record-breaking Rep Engagement: “This doesn’t get set aside or lost in a pile of papers – the box is (a) consistent reminder for me.” - Provider to Rep
  • Memorable Press Coverage: ”Patients are calling asking about MyRisk because they saw something on the local news.”  - Provider to Rep
  • October had the highest provider orders for the year
  • The 2022 campaign was so successful it was updated and re-run in 2023

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