Spark Modern Fires

A digital presence worthy of modern masterpieces

Building a Connection

Spark Modern Fires, the award-winning designer and manufacturer of contemporary gas fireplaces, came to Scrum50 in search of ways for their marketing presence to be more relevant to the design and architect communities. Partnering closely with the Spark team, together we created a unique digital ecosystem that modernized the brand, inspired designer’s creativity, and engaged the most vocal of Spark’s influencers.

The Agile Approach

The new Spark ecosystem was created in complete collaboration with the clients. Daily morning stand-up meetings with both teams ensured a swift immersion into the world of Spark and their audience as well as a rapid pace of clear decisions being made. Ideas and strategies were shared “real-time” with clients and our first website iteration was deployed 40% faster than it would take a traditional agency. From the first launch we consistently rolled out with improvements to the site performance, features and content roughly every two weeks.

Becoming the Center of Conversation

A new sleek website design served as a showroom, content hub, customer support and a check-out for the brand. A surround-sound ad and engagement blitz began to roll out re-introducing the brand to the design community as the pinnacle of luxury modern design. But it wasn’t all just about the brand. Our social strategy centered on celebrating the talented group of designers and architects that have made their own mark with Spark.

Spark Modern Fires
Spark Modern Fires
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