Calling all Annes, Frans and Stans

Stamford Health had already seen a rise in screening appointments coming out of the pandemic as people started to get more comfortable going back into hospitals. We needed to connect with new audiences coming of age to meet their goals.

The Challenge:

Get people over 40/45 years old to schedule mammography and colonoscopy appointments with Stamford Health. 

The Insight:

Millennials discuss mammograms and colonoscopies more openly than past generations. There isn’t much of a stigma around them anymore. They are even seen as a right of passage. 

The Solution:

S50 Health developed 2 test-and-learn campaigns for Stamford Health designed to identify the right messages and tone to connect with our millennial audience, many of whom were due to get their procedures for the first time. With larger health systems in the area, we differentiated ourselves by proving that we understood them with fresh, light-hearted campaigns that made an impact in digital media and drove results.

The Results:

Mammography appointments reached 122% of goal

Colonoscopy appointments reached 174% of goal

  • ~2.1 mm impressions (regional)
  • Reached our annual goal in 9 mos
  • 3.7 mm impressions (regional) 
  • Reached our annual goal in 6 mos

Stamford Health
Paid Social Campaign, Digital Advertising